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Three years in orbit for the satellite that studies and predicts earthquakes

CSES-Limadou turns three. The satellite mission, a collaboration between the Chinese Space Agency (CNSA) and the Italian Space Agency (ASI), brings with it the Italian instrument HEPD for the detection of high-energy particles and nuclei. EUROMEC has followed and entirely carried out the HEPD experiment placed inside the satellite.

«The great scientific importance of CSES-Limadou - points out Piergiorgio Picozza of INFN - lies in having on board a single satellite, for the first time, practically all the main sensors necessary for the study of the ionosphere, magnetosphere and their possible coupling with the lithosphere, still fully functional after three years in orbit».


Read the complete news on the ASI Agenzia Spaziale Italiana website (italian)

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