Euromec S.r.l. has been operating for 20 years in the sector of precision machining work, mechanical processing (up to very large sizes), and in the field of certified up-to-large-size dimensional tests.
Its production has different applications in several economical fields such as Nuclear Research, Auto-Sport, Military, Aerospace, Naval, Energy, Automatic Machines ect. The facility has a total surface of 5000 square meters , fully air-conditioned in order to check in every moment of the year the performance and the quality of the results, from the production to the assembly and to the final dimensional test.

Euromec will be involved in the development of customer-assisted design and in the extension of the production facility within a short space of time.
Technicians' preparation exeperienced professionals that develop the job with passion, people that it knows well the value of their work. And respect it. All that allows us of being able to work whichever type of material, from the more common steels to the materials composed, plastic and many alloys such as titanium, inconel, etc.

Via Dalla Costa Raimondo, 165 - 41100 Modena (Italy) - Tel. +39 059 260753 / +39 059 260845 - Fax +39 059 2550431 P.I. 02572010367- Email:

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