EUROMEC S.R.L., factory that it operates in mechanical sector since 20 years on behalf of a third party on particular of averages and big dimension, with specialized and professional people; this has allowed at EUROMEC S.R.L. to plan the job on the double turn always creating a very elevated flexibility sights the applications demanding.

EUROMEC S.R.L. besides the normal mechanical workmanships and to the construction of carpentry the mediate heavies him is equipped to his inside with cars utensils modern to numerical control connected to system CAD/CAM 3D and to the metrical room able to utter check report (CTR) that they allow her to be completely autonomous for what concerns the workmanship and the final testing of particular mechanisms and says.

Recently it has been created an unit of assembly for being able to always supply to the customer complete groups, maintaining our points of force fixed: quality and delivery.



Via Dalla Costa Raimondo, 165 - 41100 Modena (Italy) - Tel. +39 059 260753 / +39 059 260845 - Fax +39 059 2550431 P.I. 02572010367- Email:

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